About Me


  • Torbie
  • Born April Fools, 2018
  • Gotcha Day August 6, 2018
  • Proud resident of New Hampshire, USA

My Story

The name is Molly but sometimes my pawrents call me Molls or Mollzballz. I’m a 5 month old tortie and tabby mix and I had sort of a rough start to life… Down in sunny North Carolina, my mom was found roaming around some clover fields while pregnant with my siblings and I. She had been shot in the leg!! Luckily, a nice family took her in and got her the help she needed. Shortly after she gave birth to a few of us, but one of my brothers and I had a

birth defect involving our left eyes. The doctor said their was a 50/50 chance we might get our vision restored but unfortunately for both of us we lost our left eyes. Life just kept getting worse from there. We ended up in a high kill shelter where I was expected to be put down in a few days. So many families came and went but no one wanted a kitten with one eye.

Then one day things started to look better! A rescue shelter from the mountains of New Hampshire came to my rescue (they also saved my siblings and my momma). But once again, no one seemed to want a one eyed kitten. Weeks went by and all of my normal kitty friends found their furrever homes but not me. Even my own pirate brother found a new momma but I started to give up hope… Until one day in August of 2018 my mom and dad found me! My mom was instantly drawn to me and I won’t lie, I was pretty fond of her too. The lady at the shelter told my mom that I’m a pretty shy gal and it would probably take me a few hours to leave my cat carrier once we arrived at our new home. But what she didn’t know was how much I already loved my new pawrents. As soon as they opened my carrier in our home, I jumped out purring and ready to cuddle. It didn’t take much time for me to settle in with these pawsome people.