Harness Training

Hi Furriends!
About one week ago my pawrents received a brand new pink harness in the mail for me!! They bought it on Amazon and we all love it!

I used to have one when they first brought me home but I guess I gained a couple of pounds…. what can I say, food is GOOD. This new harness came in and of course I was instantly attracted to the packaging it came in. I wrestled the harness out of it real good. I showed that package who was boss!

My dad fed me some tasty whitefish treats while my momma wrapped the new harness around me. It felt like a snug hug but to be honest it kind of made me freeze. I wasn’t too sure if I even needed this thing. I mean come on why would I ever run away from my pawrents? Who else would give me tasty treats??? But they really insisted on it so I gave it a go. It is super comfy how it fits like a shirt rather than those strappy ones that pinch my pits. I will have to say though that these harnesses need to be sent with walking instructions! My mom and dad could not stop giggling when I finally felt comfortable to walk. I felt like one of those drunk party girls you see in movies. My legs felt different almost as if they were heavier or something. I just couldn’t get the hang of it but it didn’t really bother me. I knew if I wore it they would bring me outside to see my squirrel furriends!!

Lake Chillin

The time finally came when my pawrents thought I could take my first steps outdoors. They brought me to my grandpawrents house on the lake where I got to explore the water and the adventure around. When we first got outside I think I got a little too overwhelmed that I ran into my mommas arms. I always feel safe there, especially in new places. My momma gave me so much encouragement that I was finally able to start walking outside on my leash!!!!! My first few steps were pawmazing! I saw a big ole fluffy squirrel and all I wanted was to play with him but I guess he had to go back to his family. So my pawrents and I took a walk down to the dock. I really enjoyed the wind blowing in my fur and the slight rocking of the dock as the waves passed by. Life was good. I felt great. I love my new harness and without it I wouldn’t be able to explore the world with my family.¬†This small adventure was only the beginning…. As my confidence grows so will my territory.

Furriends, do you like your harnesses? What is your favorite style? Where are your furrvorite places to adventure to? Leave me a comment below letting me know!

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