My furrst blog post!

Hi furriends! Molly here on this chilly Sunday in NH.  It’s only about 64°F out right now. Today is the second day of Fall and the weather is already a lot colder than I have ever felt yet.

My favorite bulldog Berkshire blanket

I spent all morning snuggled up in my favorite Berkshire blanket munching on some tasty whitefish and egg treats. Stuff is GOOD! Anytime my pawrents leave the treat bag out, I just.. I can’t resist it. I always rip it open from the bottom and dig in. They are heaven in a bag!

The good stuff!

Speaking of treats.. It’s the last week of September and that means I am almost 6 months old!!! I wonder what types of treats my pawrents will get me for my half birthday? What do you furriends think would be a good half birthday gift?

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